Courses Overview

Our objective is to develop a course based on your individual requirements, whether you are aiming to learn English for career development opportunities, a course at university or simply for pleasure. We offer courses for Students that come from all over the world and many make friends for life. Our minimum age requirement is 16 for individuals and 13 for groups. All you need is a desire to learn.
  • All students are given a placement test at the start of their course to determine their level of English. During courses students are monitored and can discuss their progress in one-to-one tutorials with their teachers.
  • All courses follow a recommended course book covering all the disciplines of the English language.
  • At the end of each level students are tested and given a certificate of achievement, subject to progress and attendance. Any of the following courses may be combined.
  • Courses can be taken from 2 weeks to 45 weeks at progressive levels. There is a minimum of 2 weeks enrolment from June to August.
  • The minimum age for enrolment on all courses is 16.
  • Please note that all courses above do not necessarily run as they depend on number of enrolments, but are revised each term. You are advised to contact the school to confirm the course availability and if it is running during your selected dates.

General English

  • These courses are designed to improve the competency of students’ English at progressive levels by developing the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking, grammatical accuracy, vocabulary and pronunciation.
  • Teachers use the latest course books and promote an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience.
  • Students are taught to develop the technique of self-study so learning can continue outside the classroom

You can take courses of General English from 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 lessons per week

From beginner to proficiency level this programme encourages students to communicate confidently in an English speaking environment.

Business English

  • A twelve-week course designed to focus on the essential skills required for communication in an English working environment, with an option to register for the Cambridge Business Examinations at Vantage or Higher level. (Students are required to have a minimum of upper intermediate level English.)
  • Students are encouraged to actively participate in classes with individual feedback from your tutor to ensure that personal aims are achieved.
  • Skills and practice include: company structure, presentations of products and ideas, formal correspondence, negotiation, marketing, customer service and public relations.

The Business English course is 15 lessons per week

An excellent foundation for students wishing to continue to university or for those studying English to further their career.

Cambridge Examination Preparation

  • These courses are for students who can use everyday written and spoken English at a minimum of upper intermediate level and require recognised proof of their English ability.
  • Courses focus on improving accuracy in reading, writing, listening and speaking, together with vocabulary building, pronunciation and important examination techniques and practice.
  • Examinations are set by the University of Cambridge and certificates do not expire. Choices are as follows: First Certificate in English (FCE), recommended minimum B2 level, Certificate in Advanced English (CAE), recommended minimum C1 level, and Certificate of Proficiency English (CPE),recommended minimum C2 level.

The Cambridge Examination courses are 10 lessons per week but they can be combined with a General English course of 5 or 10 lessons extra per week.

Ideal for those needing English for work or study purposes around the world.

University Access Course – IELTS

  • This course is a combination of either General English plus IELTS preparation or Business English plus IELTS preparation.
  • IELTS is the International English Language Testing system and assesses your academic level of English. We recommend this course for upper intermediate level or higher.
  • IELTS is recognised all over the world and provides an excellent foundation for students wishing to continue to colleges or university or apply to business organisations.

The IELTS course is 10 lessons per week and It is recommended that the course is taken in conjunction with a General English course of 5 or 10 lessons per week.

Perfect for students who intend to work or study where English is the language of communication.

Trinity Examination Course (GESE)

The Graded Examinations in Spoken English test candidates’ ability in listening and speaking. They are one-to-one oral examinations with a native English-speaking Trinity examiner.

There are 12 grades altogether which are linked to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). The exams encourage students to develop and progress by acknowledging each step forward; at every stage of the student’s development there is a chance to mark success.

There are four stages with three grades at each stage:

  • Initial (Grades 1-3)
  • Elementary (Grades 4-6)
  • Intermediate (Grades 7-9)
  • Advanced (Grades 10-12)

The course consists of 1 lesson per day for 6 weeks and should be taken in conjunction with a general English course. Please contact the school for course dates.

Universities and employers increasingly demand evidence of spoken English skills

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

  • An intensive course which provides students with the tools necessary to succeed at college or university.
  • EAP covers a broad range of academic skills and strategies, including undertaking research, giving presentations, essay writing and critical thinking.

EAP can be combined with IELTS to ensure that students are fully equipped for their transition into tertiary education.

Conversation and Pronunciation

There is a one lesson per day of conversation and another of pronunciation, designed to complement your main English course.

  • Conversation class gives you the opportunity to improve and practice your speaking and communication skills. Your teacher will encourage you to use the language necessary to have discussions and conversation about a variety of interesting topics, building your confidence to speak outside the classroom.
  • The pronunciation class will help with your fluency. You will practice vowel and consonant sounds used in English and learn how to read and write the phonetic symbols commonly used in dictionaries. You will also practice intonation and rhythm of natural conversation and work on awareness of silent, connected and ‘dropped’ letters, improving your speaking and listening skills.

A friendly and fun chance to meet others from all over the world and to share your ideas.